Retuning Soldier Effect



... statistics from both world wars confirm it. It,now is beyond doubt that during or after a major war;more boys are born to the soldiers returning from the war.

First observed in 1954 with regard to white children born during World War II in the United States. It has since been replicated for most of the belligerent nations in both World Wars. The phenomenon has been dubbed the “returning soldier effect.” There is no doubt that the phenomenon is real, but nobody has been able to explain it.

It, according to psychologists, has to do with the fact that shorter parents are less likely to have sons than taller parents.

Or,shorter parents are more likely to have daughters.

Since,There is now evidence that, at least among the British soldiers who fought in World War I, those who survive battle and return home to be reunited with their wives are taller than those who die, never to have (another) chance to have a child. A comparison of the physical characteristics of the British soldiers who survived or died in World War I shows that surviving soldiers are on average nearly one inch taller than fallen soldiers. The average height of the surviving soldiers is 66.4 inches, while that of the fallen soldiers is 65.5 inches. Even in the small sample that is examined, this one-inch difference is highly statistically significant.

So the excess boys born during and immediately after the World Wars might be a consequence of the fact that taller soldiers, who are more likely to have sons to begin with, are more likely to survive the war and return home, whereas shorter soldiers, who are more likely to have daughters, are less likely to survive the war and return home to have daughters.

Yeshwant Singh Shekhawat

Source:- Satoshi Kanazawa,evolutionary psychologist

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