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Don't judge a book by its cover, rather by what you uncover.

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Discerning Minds Metaphysical Quarterly is a literary E-Zine designed to stimulate awareness, rouse curiosity and inspire thought processes as well as inform. All articles and postings are original and belong to those who have created them and while Discerning Minds does not necessarily agree or advocate presented subjects, it does acknowledge the rights of those who choose to showcase their personal ideologies, research, experiences, creativity and numerous points of view. All authors are responsible for their own “works and words.” Discerning Minds has explicit permission in all cases to publish the works of contributing authors. Discerning Minds is a free publication that is ad free, does not solicit donations or sell products or services.
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Content contributors of Discerning Minds hail from all parts of the world with a desire to showcase and share their original thoughts, creativity, ideas, theories and speculations

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Light Force Network Media

Waden Jensen
Sanjay Practi

S.A. Osier
Syd Sydney

Trish DeMarco Bullock
Enka Johanssen
Kim Tsiang


“The Human Condition”
Daria Novicki Ph.D.

“A Matter of Spirit”
John ‘Salaam’ Solis

“Body Temple”
Lynda Lidel Harley

“Phenomena Files”
John Holbrook P.S.I.

“Arcanus Obscurum”
Marco X. Mascolo
Eliana Rosini

“Sacred Sciences”
Anne Drake Sydney

“Creative Musings”
Marique Quinn

“Odd-vant Guarde”
Oscar ‘Trashman’ Corelli


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Welcome back faithful readers and curiosity seekers. Are you ready to be tricked and treated as you partake of the spiritual fare in our autumn issue? Let your mind travel from the caverns of the supernatural to the outskirts of the universe to the land of the odd and the mazes of the psyche. It should prove to be a fun trip as you expand your consciousness and test your discernment.

Choose your route from the following offerings and be ready for a few surprises:

The Human Condition – Serious or humorous narratives, or prose about life, emotions and empathy based in life experiences, psychology of being, dream analysis, synchronicity.

A Matter of Spirit – Metaphysical, Higher Mind, Karma/Dharma, meditation, symbolic or religious/spiritual metaphoric accounts.

Body Temple – Alternative health, holistics, ancient and new healing, mind methods, auras.

Phenomena Files – Paranormal, extranormal, ultra-normal and unexplained experiences, Parapsychology, cryptids, UFOs, curses.

Arcanus Obscurum – Ancient theories, magical arts, sagery and magery, shamanism, hermetics, alchemy, divination and methodology, angels and daemons.

Sacred Sciences – Esotericism, Mastership, Astrology, Cosmobiology, Numerology, Palmistry, Runes, I-Ching, Pendulum, Kamea, Enneagram, crystals, OBE, Qabalah, Tarot, quantum, psychism, codes and cyphers.

Creative Musings – Original artwork, poetry, prose, fantasy tales, stories with morals or messages.

Odd-vant Guarde – Atypical, curious, paradox, eccentric or uncanny chronicles and yarns.

Never judge a book by its cover but from what you uncover ...

May your perusal be rewarding!

The Law of Psychic Phenomena

The Dream Masters

Lunar Healing


The Three Circles Of Existence

The Dark Satelitte

Stellar Healing

The Galactic Cosmopolitans