Ancient Hindu Rishis Say There Are 64 Dimensions In The Universe

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Could it be true that there are 64 dimensions in the universe? Here is an worthy answer from Saurabh Suresh Bhamre.

From the scriptures available with us we know that the vedic era was far more civilizes and happier than the current era of 'advanced science'. Unfortunately, modern world and scientists have started to undermine the values of ancient vedic scripts and its principle. During their research work some of the scientists have been attracted to the 'Vedic sankhya' ( analytical study of matter and atomic theory) and found things which were very similar to the Quantum Mechanics Theory ( behavior of matter eg. light on atomic and subatomic level).

Quantum Mechanic's Theory is the theory of many dimensions.

Following is the example from vedas:

Banasura used 1,000 arms to work 500 bows and shoot 2,000 arrows at a time at Krishna. In this case, we are dealing with a materially embodied being living on the earth. One might wonder how 500 material arms could be mounted on one shoulder without interfering with one another. Moreover, if this is possible, how could they aim 500 bows in the same direction at once? Did the bows pass through each other?

This phenomena happening in one place was possible because of Banasura's body existed in the higher dimensional space. Descriptions of this kind requires higher dimensional conceptions of space.

The vedic literature nowhere explains that we can experience the higher dimension with our material blunt senses not even with microscopes or telescopes.

So yes its might be possible to have 64 dimensions as given in vedas. But the important part of all is you need to believe in it. Many english missionaries in 19th centuary were convincing indian intellectuals to give up the vedic literature and kept asking ' do you really believe in it?' And I must say that they succeeded to some extent.