Recognizing The Great Spirit

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On the night of my 18th birthday I was given a gift of the Great Spirit.

As it is with most young people ready to bridge an adult gap I seemed to be lost in a very human way. I had partially completed my first year of college and was enjoying the privilege of learning more about the world at large yet felt I had no real road to follow despite choosing majors in engineering which seemed to suit my natural talents. It was all very human yet something seemed missing which made me feel incomplete.
As a child, I was a very private person and I still remain so to this day. The Elders told me I had special talents but they never answered what that might be even when I badgered them. I was given the name ‘Morningstar’ that I adopted gladly and became known among my people as “Joseph Morningstar.” I did well in school and worked hard to get a scholarship so I could further my education – something that was not often done.

Many members of my people eventually connected with the Great Spirit at one point or another in life through some type of metaphysical means – deep contemplation, peace pipe and sweat lodge. These things were always helpful to me but I never experienced the vision state as many did. This made me feel less than ‘special’ and unworthy and not whole but one of the Elders insisted I was a ‘natural’ and my time would come.

And so it did …

I had done no preparation; no special ceremony, no special herbs, no breathing exercises - I had simply fallen asleep in my dorm room which I had to myself on that particular night. I remember falling to sleep rather quickly. My next memory was a feeling of being lifted from my body, softly yet deliberately. I spent some time floating about looking at the ceiling which was about 10 inches from my face. It seemed I could touch the ceiling with my hands and when I made contact, the ceiling seemed to melt away and I was up, up, up into the starry vault of the heavens. Within minutes I was set down on virtually nothing at all as those I was standing on gossamer. A great white eagle appeared to my right and a great white wolf to my left. The eagle sat upon my shoulder and the wolf sat down next to me. And we stayed that way for what seemed like a long time, not moving but ever attentive. I remember thinking that if this was a dream, it was the best dream.

Finally the heavens seemed to part into a kaleidoscope of color and light until only a bright white column was left. A voice spoke – not menacing or loud but quiet and loving. It called me by name and told me my flight through life would be like I was lifted by the wings of the great eagle yet my feet would be planted in the earth like that of the great wolf. I was to be a hunter of truth and a law giver who would face every challenge and hurdle with dignity and wit. I was to serve and through my service I would heal many and receive happiness in return.

It told me then when I awoke my destiny would change.
When I did wake up I felt that the whole experience was no regular dream. It seemed too tactile … too rich.

All the shapes and shadows were crystal clear. My mind was clear and so were my designs. As if moved by and unseen hand and totally sure of what I was doing, I made arrangements to change schools and take up the study of law which would be of the greatest value to my people back home. The transition went very smoothly much to my surprise.

I involved myself in charity work for the poor and taught crafts to children in my spare time. I worked hard, feet on the ground, eyes on knowledge. I met wonderful new people who influenced me in the best ways – mentors who became friend and friends who became mentors. I passed the bar the first time I tried (which was a small miracle in itself), set up a small office back home and have served my people since that time. I met a wonderful woman who became my wife and who works side by side with me and who has given me the gifts of our children.

I take the eagle and the wolf with me always.
I thank them for their protection.
I keep my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.
I keep my eyes on knowledge from Father Sky.
I am worthy and whole.
I am happy and blessed.
I am ever grateful to the Great Spirit.