Waking Talk, Why Existence

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Waking Talk

Here to wipe the sleep from your eyes.
Is there anything more beautiful then cerulean skies?
Dream of different worlds where the eternals exist,
The soul dwells through many realms, this I consist.
From the softness of your skin to the hardness of your teeth,
Our bodies are matter that grow, age and die like a leaf.
So take joy in the now, for some things don’t last.
May you humble your self with the future and past.
Always is there somewhere where we are all soothed,
May your find your peace, and what keeps you moved.
For adding a spark of your own creative juice.
No-body can tell the concoctions it may induce.
Thoughts blend while art arises,
Nature matures and advises.
Yet we all hold the Source as everywhere It be.
As hard as you look its not what you can see,
Its something you feel, within or without.
The gift is their no matter the doubt.
Completeness is a collection of every infinitesimal,
And it, just like you. Are indispensable.

The road may be used, but new to you it awaits...


Why Existence

If life is a metaphor then exchanging flames shall be.
Just like the meaning of life, it depends on you or me.
Not everything is an answer, and a solution comes from all.
The questions you seek, is nothing short of small.
Why am I here? People are born and die in spades.
Is there a meaning to the place, or does it exist until it fades?
Am I just another slug moving tell I cease?
Or is there a background agenda heralding in the peace?
Where do all trees come from? Who built the first seed?
Is there a savior out there or someone to take the lead?
Asking all these questions will never be finished or done.
Yet following these thoughts is sort of, kind of, fun.

You are a consciousness wrapped and chain in the body,
it holds together well, but its specs are kind of shoddy.
Every now and then you get moments to break free,
exploring the astral realms, the original home to thee.
Whether we are infatuating or a little bit lame,
the brain is sophisticated but created all the same.
It's the pathways we build, or let retreat away.
Whether we are growing or just blowing off the day,
Change makes us in this present world we dwell.
But know we are endless, this is just a plane we fell.
Our destiny is to rise up and bring what we collected.
Insuring the bonds we build and the things we've affected.

For Every zone has truth, it's in ourselves to see the code,
Going left or right it’s us who rule our road.
Everything is moving from the little to the large,
Rising up to situations, thy self must take charge.
Within the mind, spirit, or body, we were meant to roam,
Its why when you are in your house, its lacking a sense of home.

Ancient tales are passed down like a broken telephone.
Collecting all the fragments, connections can be known.
Although gaps are missing, we can fill the void.
Mad libs, just like existence, is meant to be enjoyed.
So on your quest, as the being you choose to be.
Try to love one another and offer a heart for free.
This is, Why Existence...