Embracing Your Inner Child

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The Inner Child

In each of us, at the deepest, most fundamental crevice of our beings exists our inner child―yet, most don't even know he or she is there!

Christ says to enter the blissful state of the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be like children―what he's saying, in effect is that we must embody our inner child in order to become who we truly are.

We entered this world with such innocence, hope, optimism, and enthusiasm at the possibility of even the wildest of our yearnings becoming a tangible reality. As we grow up, the ego begins to develop as a result of our experiences of the world as an adolescent and a teenager. It is also the influence of those who are around us on a daily basis which molds us as a person. The ego becomes a store-house for the past, and as a result of embodying the past, we lose touch with our most fundamental self; our inner child.

The inner child is the unconditioned self. It is who you were before the shadows, illusions, and lies of the world imposed themselves on your innocent, and radiant consciousness, Your inner child is your playful, blissful, joyful, ever-new self, who isn't dependent on its previous experiences to give you a sense of self.

You heal the inner child by giving love to and acknowledging your pain. Resembling an onion, we have so many layers of unhealed emotional baggage cocooning our inner child, it is because of these layers of illusions that we lose touch with who we really are.

The inner child exists in the now. When you courageously embody the present moment, you feel as light as a feather as you no longer feel weighed down by your past―you become one with everything in the here and now.

Listen to the cries of your inner child. He or she wants to play, to enjoy, to have fun in this life. You were not designed to struggle and suffer your entire life. Give yourself a break. You have to nurture yourself. Don't rely on others to do it for you, only put all your eggs in God's basket, as for everyone else, keep some for yourself as well.

Close your eyes, visualize your child-self standing in front of you. What would you say to him or her? What would you tell them now? What advice would you give them? The pains of the tumultuous world around you have scarred your inner child. Heal these wounds by recognizing that you need your own love just as much as other people do!

This is the key; it is self-love alone which will unlock the inner child from the prison of the unconscious, into the pristine light of superconscious joy and ecstasy in the here and now.