Welcome To A Utopian Society

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Come, take my hand, let me take you on a magical journey in your imagination to the Utopian Society I am occupying in the here and now.

Humanity made it. We finally made the quantum leap from the known, which no longer worked, into the unknown to discover the missing fragments of ourselves to make us whole, as a society once again. Just as the individual must make this leap into the unknown, so must the civilization when it realizes that the old systems and ways of operating things simply don't work anymore. We reached that point, congratulations to my brothers and sisters!

We no longer destroy the biosphere of our beautiful blue mother. The petrodollar industry has been made completely obsolete as we now operate everything on free energy devices which power all our technology with etheric energy. Nikola Tesla and other scientists are finally given the recognition they deserve in our society. All oil powered engines and vehicles have been replaced, mainly by flying cars which create zero pollution.

Also, as a result of these free-energy devices, all countries of the planet, and cultures are thriving. The money and taxation systems which gave prosperity to a few and breadcrumbs to most in the past no longer exist. We don't work or create for money any longer, but only for the betterment of our civilization collectively.

All cities are imbued with nature. The concrete jungles you're most likely inhabiting in your time-frame no longer exist, there are buildings with parks inside of them, and also floating cities with parks in the middle of the sky.

Simply put, we stood victorious amidst our challenges. The few who held the majority of the world's money realized that it was useless going against the natural order of things. Shared resources became our saviour, in a sense. Sooner rather than later, we were no longer dependent on the illusory concept of money, or greed, we realized our oneness with each other and our brothers and sisters from other star systems.

There are countless beings who come down from the heavens, and even take us to their worlds if there is a karmic agreement between the individual souls of the beings involved and their oversouls. Usually, an ET that comes down to visit you is another aspect of yourself, in this divine and otherworldly communion much is learned and processed quickly in the evolution of the individual soul's consciousness'. Some human beings even marry ET's, their soul-mates from other worlds.

Everyone on earth is free to go wherever they desire. There are no borders, and all are seen as equals on the planet. There is no racism or sexual discrimination any longer as everyone on the planet has been educated and realized that to harm and insult another is to harm yourself. We have transcended all these illusions of nationalism, racism and so on.

Our evolution has accelerated tenfold ever since our ET friends came down to play. Now we create and experience joy in multitudes of ways. Disagreements between people are spoken about carefully, with compassion, understanding and at times, whenever necessary, mutual compromise.

We also have come to the conclusion that our passion is our purpose in life. Everyone follows their passion, their excitement, those dreams which engulf their consciousness in the Phoenix-like fires of rebirth as a result of embodying the gamma brainwave state on a regular basis. Resembling a jigsaw puzzle, with everyone being the piece source created them to be, we all click together. Nobody is left out, all of us are One family, dependent to some extent on one another for our means of survival.

We have finally become human. We realized the God-essence with the core of our beings. We not only destroyed all our nuclear and other weapons but also realized universal, cosmic peace and become full-fledged members of the interstellar alliance. The Edenic race from Sirius, the OUS from Sirius B, the Sistine, the Nonphysical Sirians, the Sassani race, the Pleiadians, and many other races are part of this universal council which oversees the development of undeveloped civilizations into complete unity and God consciousness.

We humans also have the ability to commune with our deceased loved ones; death is seen through as the fallacy that it is; a complete illusion. We also commune and speak with Mother Earth, and she helps guide us into decorating her like the Goddess she always has been.

This is our civilization now. Imagine living in such a world. How would you feel if you lived in such a world on a regular basis? How would you think, act? How would you behave? What would you be doing? Who would you be with? This world exists Now, as everything exists in the here and now. If you can imagine and see this world like I do, then you're already going there. Ignore the negativity around you, keep believing in humanity's capacity to be rebirthed amidst the pangs of change. Allow gratitude to become your breath; never let it go!

You can do this. I love you.