Donald Trump: Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

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With so many people scared of what a Trump presidency might entail…

So many scary "what ifs"…

I was struck by this thought yesterday:

What if…

Because of his massive ego….

He actually strives to be the greatest President that ever lived?

And what if…

He succeeds?

Or even got halfway there?

I didn't vote for Trump. However  well before the election, a dear beloved friend asked me if I could live with a Trump Presidency.

I was clear that I could. And that if it happened, I believe it's for the highest good.

Some people may wonder why I’m not scared or stressed. Some friends might say it’s because I’m white and male, so therefore quite privileged – especially in a Trump-led nation.

Though that’s not something I can “do” anything about, it unquestionably affords me a larger degree of safety than any racial, religious, or gender minority that is actively prejudiced against.

For me, that’s mostly unconscious. Still, it’s also undeniable in our culture.

Having friends of many different backgrounds who have been heavily prejudiced against – and who have serious concerns about some of the social unrest already caused “in the name of Trump” – I understand at least a little more about social privelege than others who share my gender / racial social benefits.

I recognize there is MUCH more for me to learn, and much more for me to listen to. That is happening.

I also accept the responsibility that comes with that privilege, including advocating with those of us who are targets of prejudice.

Still, when I think about why I personally don’t have the same fear over these changes to our nation – something else comes to my mind and heart.

For those closest to me, they know what I've been through. They know a story about me that few ever will.

And after being through my Dark Night of The Soul, after having almost lost everything and everybody that I hold dear…

A Trump Presidency holds no fear in my heart.

Only love.

Love is the only choice that can create miracles when our illusion of control is taken away.

I remember during my Dark Night having many emotions –

Fear, anxiety, insomnia, pain, depression, hopelessness…

And I held in the other hand, prayer, hope, visualization, and a genuine compassionate well-wish for my perpetrators:

"Forgive them, they know not what they do."

I don't know what to expect for the next four years.

What I do know is that with all of our government legislature Republican, we will finally see a lot of change.

My prayer is for it to be overwhelmingly good.

If it isn't, then in 4 years the country will see more clearly… and hopefully, choose again (as A Course In Miracles says).

What comes may not be easy, though I can pray it will be.

What comes will produce change and awareness on a scale our generations have never seen before.

Now more than ever we need open hearts and broader perspective.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Chris Cade