Neon Blue

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For many years at the onset of my spiritual path, I tended to make notes of the different types of alternative healing people were engaging. I heard about many versions of healing, some of which I discerned to made-up by a few charlatans along the way, and others that were at the very least believable or actually useful.

One of the most unusual healing modalities I heard about came from my friend Georgeanne, a perfectly normal and reliable person who was also just initiating her spiritual path. Georgeanne is a natural channel and has been so as far back as she can remember although she never mentioned it much to family or friends for fear of being thought daft. Georgie, as we fondly call her, never seemed to be bothered much by whatever she received and took any etheric messaging meant to be for her personal use alone. On many occasions she believed the input to have “pulled her fat out of the fire.” This being said, she was not shook up at all when she began to channel “Alyah.”
For all intent and purpose, Alyah was an alien. Georgie described her as gentle and kind with a soothing vibe of communicado. Georgie told me about her meetings with Alyah on a weekly basis and there never seemed to be anything negative or off about them. In the late fall of 2002, I met Georgie for lunch and she told me that her last meeting with Alyah was very significant.

Evidently Alyah had taken a liking to Georgie and wanted to leave her with a parting gift since her time with Georgie was coming to an end. Alyah never gave Georgie a name for the gift so Georgie just referred to it as Blue Neon which was Georgie’s description of the type of light ray that was used.

Alyah instructed Georgie that the gift was one of healing that dated far back in time. It was quite simple to use as long as your intentions were pure and your thoughts clean. All one had to do was see a neon blue light surrounding the being who needed to be healed accompanied with a precisely worded or thought out intention for the healing to be accomplished. That was it. So fuss, no muss and no bother. I was very amused by all of this and at first thought Georgie was pulling my leg and making quite a jest but she was dead serious.

I asked her if she believed such a thing could work. She emphatically said yes and that she had “tried it twice.”

I thought about it for a bit and told Georgie maybe it had nothing to do with Alyah’s gift at all but that maybe she was a healer in her own right and was just coming to that understanding. Georgie argued that she had no such ability before then and was convinced that it worked. As a test, we decided that I would try it also to see if anything happened.

The next day I went to visit a friend whose cat had become sick that morning unable to eat and that it had a temperature. She was understandably upset about her cat and apologized that she needed to take the cat to the vet. Her vet appointment was two hours away so we sat and had a chat for a while over some coffee. She also knew Georgie and for conversations sake I told her about Georgie’s experience and the Blue Neon. She looked at me intently and then asked if I knew how to do it. I said yes as it didn’t seem complicated but also that I had not tried. She rubbed her forehead with her hand and then asked me to try on the cat.

The cat was laying down rather listless and dull-eyed on her cat pillow in the corner. I gazed at the cat and did the Blue Neon just as Georgie had told me. When I was finished neither one of us saw anything happen … until about 10 minutes went by. Suddenly, the cat got up and meowed, walked over to me and rubbed against my leg. She looked better and the dull cloud had lifted from her pretty eyes. My friend checked the cat’s temp and it was normal. The cat walked over to her food bowl and began to chow down with gusto.

My friend and I of course attributed this to coincidence and some sort of fast moving cat malady but she told me later that night that the vet had given kitty a clean bill of health and had no explanation for why something would come and go so quickly.
Not satisfied, I tried out the Blue Neon a couple of times more with the same good results … the most convincing being a prized tropical fish that was at death’s door who sprang back miraculously to life. I cannot offer any good explanation for any of this.

Over time my capacity for Blue Neon faded away but Georgie still has full capacity of the gift and uses it as much as she can to assist others. Perhaps the gift was just on loan for me!